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Welcome to the Washington Way

This blog is dedicated to writers and authors making their way through the publishing journey.

My name is Lisa Washington, I am the CEO of The Washington Way LLC and Washington Way Publishing. Among other titles I carry, I am also a Christian Fiction/romance author. I am starting this blog to share the many lessons I have learned and will learn along my publishing journey.

I am learning this industry through research, networking and trial and error. In the past, that would scare me. Starting a business in a field that I was only partially educated in. But then, God spoke to me through friends, family and complete strangers. I didn't need to know everything before starting. This journey was going to be hard, it was going to take a lot of time and it may not be perfect in the end. The important factor to remember is to have Faith. I believe in myself and I have the faith to take this journey further.

Washington Way Publishing

I am starting Washington Way Publishing to be the company I wanted and needed when I first started. I paid so much money to this expert and that expert. The only thing I received from those people was a bunch of generic information. They were touchpoints I found through a Google search.

Yes, there are people out here portraying themselves as experts and are no smarter or further along in their journey you and I. Oh, I remember one "book consultant" was charging writers over $1000 to publish their book, when they had never published a book before. The finished product left a lot to be desired.

That is not Washington Way Publishing. We will offer guidance and mentoring to all of our clients within the scope of their budget. Free consultation will be available to determine if we are the right company for you.

Why Am I Doing This?

It's needed. And we can grow and learn together. Like a community of supportive writers, authors, editors, bloggers, reviewers and more.

Are You Ready?

This is a loaded question. I am barely ready for this journey, but I stepping out on faith, a Crazy Faith and believing God has a plan.

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